About us

Elegance, Beauty & Class.

Modesty is the highest elegance

-Coco Chanel

Here in Aazeen Abaya, we strive to bring in collections that are better than the last
and will definitely not compromise on quality.
 Aazeen Abaya also adds a modern twist to the traditional abaya,
providing our muslimah with fresh and much more elegant choices for modest wear.

We believe that each and every of our abaya should make a lady feel elegant and even more beautiful than she already is.



Aazeen Abaya is a new, upcoming brand for modest fashion,
founded by an ordinary lady, Ila.
Aazeen Abaya officially started in March 2016.
Ila realised that the prices for the Abayas of better quality and designs in Singapore are out of reach for a number of people including herself.
So, she decided to peek into Dubai's trending Abaya designs
and bring in the coloured and fresh Abayas into Singapore.
We are still learning our ways and we would really appreciate any feedback,
be it about our service or product.
So, please feel free to drop us a text or email and follow us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.


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